A little bit about us.

...our beginnings...


My family has farmed the fields here for nearly 100 years. When my Great Grandfather moved here in 1928, he farmed the field at the back of Giddy Gate farmhouse. 

Roll the clock forward to 2020. I live here with my husband and my daughter, who is the 5th generation of our family to live at Giddy Gate Farm. Our family is still working the same land, growing excellent quality grains. This same grain is contained within some of our bird food mixes today.

The farm has grown substantially, now stretching across nearly 1250acres in Merseyside and Lancashire.

Shona O’Donnell 11/09/20.

...and today...

The land at Giddy Gate Farm is now contained within our continually evolving family farm, which now encompasses nearly 1250 acres in the North West of England.

The large enterprise is over seen by Audrey O’Donnell. She is supported every day by a hard working team. They have endless energy, enthusiasm and pride in producing quality crops and maintaining the land to the highest standards.

The wild bird food part of the farming operation based at Giddy Gate Farm and is run by Phil and Shona. They carefully select and blend wild bird food mixes some of which contain home grown grains, to be delivered direct to your door.

One of our grain stores. Audrey O’Donnell  with 5th generation farmer in the making!

High quality produce and knowledge

The farms produce high quality grain and cereals, and have supplied bird seed markets for over 30 years. 

Phil hold degrees in both Plant Biology and Agriculture, and Shona is a Veterinary Surgeon. They both appreciate the importance of good nutrition when it comes to maximising the survival and breeding success of wild birds. They wanted to develop and bring to market a bird food range to be proud of. 

Concerns about sustaining the diversity of Britain’s native bird species, combined with relevant knowledge and the ability to grow quality cereals lead to the development of a range of quality, versatile and reliable wild bird food mixes. These are delivered direct for people to feed and support the wild birds in their gardens.

Shona and Phil

Audrey O’Donnell

Responsible farming methods

Our farms are managed responsibly, with long term sustainability and conservation considered in every decision we make. 

Our crops and premises are annually inspected and Red Tractor certified.

Soil management focuses on preserving soil biodiversity and quality and involves conservation tillage, minimising soil compaction and the use of cover crops to enhance organic matter to improve soil structure and drainage. 

Nearly 7 miles of hedgerow, acres of cover crops and 38 acres specifically put aside for wild bird  and pollinator habitats.

Concerns about single use plastics

It was out of concern for the global increase in single use plastic production and disposal that Giddy Gate Farm decided to use strong paper packaging for all their home blends and straights. The key to encourage people to recycle is convenience and paper sacks can be recycled with other household recycling waste at home.

‘We hope you and your birds enjoy our products’

Phil and Shona 11/09/20