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Typewriter with camera and notebook on a desk
pictures of Giddy Gate Farm bird seed, combine harvester and tractor and sparrows.

It has been extremely busy at Giddy Gate Farm this winter getting products ready  to ship to our customers. 

We would like to extend our thanks to all that have helped us along the way. It is fantastic that we are now delivering great bird food to peoples homes. We hope more and more of you will come along and join us in our commitment to helping the UK bird population.

We love feeding our wild birds. It is both beautiful and educational to watch these lovely birds in the garden. How marvellous to know we are are also doing something to help them.

Our blog lets us share information, advice and news with you. We hope you will keep checking in to read our latest posts.

Look out for our blog posts;

Amazing adaptations

Reading and educating ourselves about our feathered friends is a pleasure. We love to learn about all birds, not just birds resident or visiting the UK but different birds from all over the world. The wonderful, the clever and the just plain weird, we appreciate them all. 

Look out for our post each month dedicated to appreciating the adaptations different birds have acquired through natural selection pressures over time. Learn how these special features give a competitive advantage to those who have them.

UK birds

Follow us as some of our posts look at the birds closer to home, after all they are the ones we are feeding in our gardens and fields. Help with identifying your visitors, finding out about their feeding habits, behaviour and breeding.

Close to home

Updates from Giddy Gate and our farming business as we move through the seasons. 

Learn more about our conservation tillage, sowing crops, harvesting, hedge management, wild bird feeding and wild flower areas.

Bird feeding

There is a lot of advice on feeding birds out there in the bird feeding community. This can all be a bit confusing, especially for new bird feeders. Keep an eye on our advice and information posts on bird feeding. Look out for our guides offering help with how to get the most out of feeding your garden birds and the benefits of different bird foods.

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