Spring and Summer Feeding

Get ready for the baby birds!

In spring and summer birds will be grateful for the extra food we put out in our gardens.  Building nests and raising young requires a great deal of energy!

Now is a great time of year to feed garden birds, even if you are just starting out you may see all sorts of baby birds visiting your feeders.


Smaller seeds and pieces

It can be beneficial to offer seed mixes with smaller seeds and pieces.

Young baby birds may choke on whole peanuts, but can manage small seeds, such as pinhead oats, millet, kibbled peanuts(peanut granules), sunflower hearts and suet which can be pecked at.


Soaked mealworms for protein

Dried Mealworms can be soaked in water and out out fresh each day to provide a great source of easily accessible protein.

Fresh Fruit for energy

Fresh fruit including ripened apples, bananas, pears, soft berry fruits and even grapes can be a welcome source of sugar providing an energy boost for adults during busy breeding seasons. (Just watch out if you have pets as grapes and raisins can be toxic to dogs and cats).

Place half apples on a bird table/ stick or in suet block feeders, black birds in particular will enjoy this treat.


Great tits feeding from easy peasy feeder hanging in tree

Suet, especially containing seeds, insects or mealworms is a real treat for little birds to peck at and provides adults and babies with readily digestible energy.


Remember to keep bird feeders and station cleaned regularly throughout the year. This prevents disease transmission among wild birds and keeps your garden birds healthy.


Don’t forget to find some time to enjoy the visitors to your feeders. Watching a family of little birds arrive to enjoy what you have left out for them is a real treat!

Our Husk Free Songbird Mix (without raisins), Max Energy Mix, Royal Robin Blend are all ideal for spring summer feeding. These mixes are bursting with smaller seeds, kibbled peanuts and suet pellets to provide energy, protein and fat for growing birds.

We would love to see your pictures of fledglings in your gardens.

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