Fringilla coelebs

Male chaffinch


Male bright with a rust red belly and grey cap. Female browner in colour, both flash white wing bars and sides of tail in flight.


Widespread through UK woodland, grassland, towns and seen in gardens all year round.

6.2million birds.


Begins nesting in April, the Chaffinch builds neat cup shaped nests in trees and shrubs.

4-5 offwhite eggs with red brown splotches are laid. One brood is usually raised.


Approximately 3 years.


Eats Seeds, fruits , insects, spiders, earthorms.

Chaffinches hop around under bird feeders hoovering up seeds from the floor. They enjoy chopped peanuts and sunflower hearts in particular.

You can attract them to your garden with seed mixes, suet and mealworms.

Chaffinches visiting your garden may enjoy………