Chloris chloris


The green finch is similar in shape and size to a house sparrow.

A social, although often bossy olive green bird with yellow flashes in the tail and wing bars as it flies.

Males are a brighter green than the browner tones of the females.


1.7 million pairs throughout the UK.

Widespread in woodland, hedges, parks and gardens, green finches prefer vegetation rather than open upland areas.


Nesting is from March, in thick vegetation. Usually in colonies of 4-6 nests.

4-6 eggs are laid, and 2-3 broods a year can be raised.


2 years.


Eats seeds, insects, likes berries from hawthorne, bramble and yew. The greenfinch finds it easy to eat seeds with its large bill.

Will eat rosehip seeds, leaving the flesh.

Often seen squabbling at feeders and bird tables with other greenfinches and other species.

Enjoys black sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts.

Offer the greenfinches in your garden…..