Erithacus rubecula



Perceived as the gardeners friend the robin was voted Britain’s favourite bird in 2015.

Brown bird with a striking red breast, male and females are identical, with juveniles being brown spotted.

Fiercely territorial against their own kind. They sing all year to mark their 1.2 acre territory and will attack on the sight of a red patch or even clump of red feathers.


Woodland, parks, gardens throughout the UK.

6,700,000 territories.


Nest in concealed areas.

Will use open fronted nest boxes.

4-6 eggs/ clutch.


Approx 1 year.


Insects, spiders, worms, berries.

Uses trusting nature to its advantage following humans around the garden as we uncover worms and insects.

Will feed from bird tables and round feeders, will take mealworms, chopped peanuts and sunflower hearts.

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