Wood pigeon

Columba palambus

Wood pigeon


The wood pigeon is the UK’s largest pigeon, it is plump with grey feathering and a white patch on its neck and white flashes on its wings.

It makes a soft familiar ‘cooing’ sound and when startled its wings come together making a clapping sound as it flies.


5.4 million breeding pairs in the UK.

Lives in the countryside and also in towns in parks and gardens. It can become relatively bold around people.


Female wood pigeons build a flat, flimsy nest out of twigs.

2 eggs are laid, resultant young are fed on crop milk.


Average 3 years. Although here at Giddy Gate Farm we have had one particular identifiable wood pigeon living along side us and visiting our garden for over 12 years now!


Wood pigeons will eat the shoots of crops (brassicas), grains, seeds, berries and nuts.

These birds will readily visit gardens for any type of seeds, cramming themselves into bird tables and feeding from the ground.

Wood pigeons love to eat….