Troglodytes troglodytes



A firm garden favourite, the wren is a tiny, brown bird with an upright tail. She is energetic and busy, fiercely distracting predators away from her young with a loud voice.


The wren occupies 8.6 million breeding territories in the UK, making it our most common breeding bird.

They like low ground cover with shrubs and brambles.


A domed nest is built out of moss and twigs in crevices, shrubs or abandoned nests from other species. Males build a number of nests in order to attract a female. 5-8 small speckled white eggs are laid from April.

A male may have more than one female nesting in his territory.

2 broods may be raised each year.

Wrens will readily use a nest box with an open front to make their nest in.


Average 2 years.


Wrens constantly move around searching and probing for insects in nooks and crannies.

Not regular visitors to bird tables and feeders, they may be tempted by high energy foods such as peanut granules and mealworms.

Wrens may eat……