Reducing single use plastics

Our seed mixes and straights are supplied in paper sacks. 

Plastic free, strong, reusable and recyclable in your household recycling bin. 


Mealworms and calciworms may be supplied in paper or in 100% biodegradable and compostable bags (in accordance with EN13432), made from natural potato starch, these bags are suitable for domestic composting (at home). 


The invention of plastic has changed the world. Plastics came into widespread use after WWII and their useful lifetime varies according to the type of plastic. After disposal they breakdown into microplastics, potentially lingering for centuries.

161 million tonnes of the 448million tonnes of plastic produced every year is destined to just be packaging, to be used and thrown away within minutes of use, most of it is neither incinerated nor recycled (ref.

From the outset, we decided we did not wish to exacerbate production of ‘throw away’ plastics for packaging purposes. We package our farm produced seed mixes and straights to avoid contributing to the accumulation of single use plastics. If possible reuse our bags and once you have finished with them just remove the thread and place the bag into the recycling.

We realise that some plastic packaging is recyclable, however we believe the key to encouraging people to actually recycle these plastics must be convenience. Many bird foods are supplied in plastic that is recyclable (LDPE #4), but unfortunately in many places it is not collected by the council from peoples homes. Consumers therefore have to drive to a collection point to recycle this plastic packaging (LDPE #4). 

We believe the key to mass recycling rather than discarding of plastics must be convenience; until this is the case we will supply packaging for you to place in your recycling /composting bin at home.

It is possible you may find some evidence of oil seepage from seeds or suet on the inside of the paper bags due to the lack of plastics and plastic coatings used. We have tested the bags in hot summer months with suet pellets and found the sacks to perform well, with minimal oil transfer. 

'Please, where possible reuse and recycle our packaging'