Adventurer Metal Seed Feeder


  • A  sleek and stylish seed feeder with 2 feeding ports.
  • Strong metal construction.
  • Birds can feed facing forwards in their natural perching position.
  • Contemporary graphite-grey finish.

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The Adventurer metal seed feeder is a classy, strong and durable metal seed feeder with 2 ports for birds to feed from.

Constructed from die-cast powder coated metal with strong polycarbonate tubing these seed feeders are tough, long-lasting and offer excellent protection from squirrel damage.

Using the simple but highly effective perching rings, birds can feed in their natural feeding position – facing forward.

Birds appear to be more relaxed when feeding from feeders using the perching ring system simply because they can access food more quickly, feed faster, leaving the perching ring free for another bird much sooner – a real bonus when there are lots of hungry birds waiting their turn.

Sleek and stylish, these feeders are available in a contemporary graphite-grey finish.