Base Release Seed Feeder

From £14.95

  • Easy to refill and clean.
  • Twist lock removable base and perches.
  • Circular perch design for maximum bird comfort.
  • Twist lock base and removable perches.
  • Strong durable metal.
  • Great build quality.

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Red Barn Base Release Seed Feeder - 2 Port£14.95
Red Barn Base Release Feeder - 4 Port£17.95

This base release seed feeder is part of an elite range of wild bird feeders and features the latest designs, practicality and functionality.

Ergonomic circular perches provide a platform to allow birds to perch and feed in comfort. More birds will be able to use these feeders successfully such as chaffinches and robins who often struggle with traditional straight perch.

Strong durable metal parts increase squirrel resistance.

These base release feeders have a twist lock mechanism in the base, allowing it to be removed easily for thorough cleaning. The perches can also be easily removed and clicked back into place for the same purpose.

Fantastic build quality and versatility.

Red Barn seed catcher trays can be added to the base of these feeders to reduce waste and mess underneath.

Mount these feeders on a red barn pole to place anywhere in your garden.

Available  in 2 or 4 port variations.

Remember to clean feeders regularly for optimum bird health.



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