Bird Feeding Essentials Bundle


  • All you need for successful bird feeding.
  • Great value bundle.
  • 1 x Seed feeder.
  • 1 x Peanut feeder.
  • 6 Kg Everyday Mix.
  • 4 Kg Premium peanuts.

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Save 12% on this Bird Feeding Essentials Bundle.

Whether you are a seasoned bird feeder, just starting out or looking for a gift for a friend our fantastic bird feeding essentials bundle has all you need. With 2 handy sized bird feeders and a 6 Kg supply of our delicious Everyday seed mix  plus 4 Kg of premium aflatoxin peanuts this bundle will have birds flocking to your garden.

Bird Feeder Essentials Bundle contains


Red barn metal seed feeder with 2 ports 1 x Seed Feeder           red abrn peanut feeder bronze colour  1 x Peanut Feeder

Everyday Mix bird food for feeding wild birds, full of sunflower seeds   6Kg Everyday Mix    Peanuts for wild bird feeding 4 Kg Premium Peanuts


Seed Feeder

  • 2 ports for feeding.
  • Metal flip top lid, green.
  • Handy size and lightweight for smaller branches and feeding stations.
  • Use for seed mixes and /or straight seeds.

Approx dimensions: Height inc lid ~220mm, base width ~75mm.

Peanut Feeder

  • Bronze effect colour.
  • Metal lid, base and handle with durable polymer parts.
  • Fill with whole peanuts to attract birds all year.
  • Handy size and light weight for smaller branches and feeding stations.

Approx dimensions: Height inc lid ~220mm, base width ~75mm.

6 Kg Everyday Mix

  • Our reliable and versatile bird seed for all seasons.
  • A classic balanced selection of seeds.
  • Packed with sunflower seeds; nutritious and high in energy.
  • Suitable for use in feeders, or for tables, feeding dishes and ground feeding.
  • An excellent free flowing mix, will not clog feeders.
  • Supplied in plastic free sack.

4 Kg Premium Peanuts

  • Premium peanuts, loved by many garden birds.
  • Safe for birds; Aflatoxin tested.
  • Feed all year round from mesh peanut feeders.
  • Calorie and protein rich food source.
  • Supplied in plastic free sack.

This bundle contains peanuts and is stored and packed in an environment containing peanuts.

Not for human consumption.

Remember to clean feeders regularly to keep birds healthy.