Dried Calciworms

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  • Birds LOVE insects, and they will really enjoy these nutritious treats.
  • High in protein, high in fat and super delicious for wild birds.
  • Higher in calcium than mealworms (x50); great for bone strength and eggshell quality.
  • Safe for your garden hedgehogs to eat too!
  • Add to feeder or table mixes for all year round feeding.

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Dried calciworms are the larvae of the black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens). A wide variety of species will be attracted to these little critters which provide excellent nutrition, are high in protein (approx. 38%) and high in fat (approx. 37%).

As their name suggests they are high in calcium, which is essential for bone health and eggshell quality. These larvae store calcium in their exoskeleton, which remains after drying and will provide up to 50 times the amount of calcium than meal worms. Safe for the hedgehogs in your garden to eat because they have the correct calcium: phosphorus balance. In fact hedgehogs will really enjoy them!

Feed all year round, as a complimentary feed source in addition to offering a variety of seeds and suet, to provide a balanced and nutritious diet for your birds.

Soak the dried calciworms in some water in the spring and summer months to provide extra moisture and to soften them for younger birds.

Mix a handful of dry calciworms with feeder mixes or table/ground mixes for extra nutritional value.

Supplied in potato starch compostable (EN13432 suitable for home composting) bags, or paper sacks.

Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

Not for human consumption.

May contain nuts. Stored and packaged in an environment containing peanuts.


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  1. Lynne

    Liked the fact they came in a compostable bag. Mixed these with seed to feed on my bird table and from the ground. Just wish I had hedgehogs in my garden to feed as well.

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