Ceramic Suet Feeder


  • Green ceramic suet pellet feeder.
  • Contemporary addition to your garden.
  • Offer high energy suet pellets.
  • Can be used for larger seeds such as sunflowers.
  • Easy to clean and refill.
  • Good capacity.

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This green ceramic suet feeder makes a striking contemporary addition to your garden. An excellent feeder, specifically designed for suet pellets. Strong and durable with good capacity it can also be used for larger seeds such as sunflower seeds.

Alternative to leaving a pile of suet pellets on a table or floor, birds can feed away from ground predators.

Birds love mealworms, feed these high protein insects as part of a balanced, varied offering of seeds and suet to birds all year round.

Easy to refill and clean.

Remember to clean feeders regularly for good bird health.