Chunky Dumplings Starter Pack


  • Get feeding straight away with this starter pack.
  • Easy and safe for little birds to perch and feed.
  • 6 Fat ball Bunting + 6 Chunky Dumplings.
  • Delicious wholesome ingredients.

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This fantastic starter pack is great for new and established bird feeders.

Hang these fat ball containers individually like fruit on a tree or clip together and create a garland to brighten up your garden.

Chunky Dumplings contain wholesome natural ingredients that birds will relish. Pure beef fat, sunflower seeds, cereal flakes, peanut pieces and mineral rich oyster shell grit (for great egg quality in the breeding season).

Little birds like robins, tits and other small species have plenty of room to perch, these fat ball feeders are safer than nets which can cause little bird legs to tangle.

Pack Contains 6 x Fat Ball Bunting and hooks plus 6 x Chunky Dumplings.

Not for human consumpyion.

This product contains peanuts.