CJ Hanging Water Dish Vesi


  • Attractive blue ceramic bird drinker/ hanging bath.
  • Provide clean, fresh water for garden birds.
  • Ideal size for easy cleaning and topping up.
  • Hangs with strong twisted wire cables.

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Water is essential for garden birds and can sometimes be difficult for them to find easily.

CJ Hanging Water Dish for garden birds will attract birds to your garden by providing clean, fresh water for drinking and bathing.

A lovely ceramic dish with wire hanging cables included.

Bathing plays a vital role in feather maintenance, aiding preening by loosening and dislodging dirt ensuring feathers are able to provide vital insulation.

Site this beautiful hanging water dish in a spot with clear views of the immediate surroundings to give birds confidence and at least 2m away from anywhere a cat could launch an ambush to allow them to flee.

Holds 0.8 litres of water to provide approximately 6cm of water to drink from and bathe in. A handy size to change regularly and clean out.

Hangs with a strong twisted cable.

Dimensions approx: Diameter 26cm, Depth 6cm

Clean feeders regularly to maintain optimum bird health.