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Everyday Mix


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  • Our reliable and versatile bird seed for all seasons.
  • A classic balanced selection of seeds.
  • Packed with sunflower seeds; nutritious and high in energy.
  • Suitable for use in feeders, or for tables, feeding dishes and ground feeding.
  • An excellent free flowing mix, will not clog feeders.
Icon of a seed feeder for wild birds
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A classic wild bird food to feed every day. An excellent balanced multi seed, mix just bursting with sunflower seeds.

Versatile for use in bird feeders and on the ground or for bird tables.

Easily poured into containers and the husked seeds mean this mix remains in good condition in wet and humid weather, without clogging feeders.

Contains ingredients that will attract a diverse range of birds to your garden.

This mix is a reliable staple wild bird food that can be fed everyday of the year.

Remember to clean bird feeders regularly for optimum bird health.


  • Black sunflower seeds,
  • Pinhead oats
  • Millet,
  • Rape seed,
  • Cut maize,
  • Wheat,

Not suitable for human consumption.

May contain nuts, produced in an environment which contains nuts.


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1 review for Everyday Mix

  1. Louise Melling

    Great mix, especially popular with the blue tits!

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