Evie Suet Roll/Peanut Butter Feeder


  • This lovely suet roll feeder is an attractive addition to any garden.
  • Easily remove the front panel to place a suet roll, fat balls or even seed inside
  • Landing perch makes it easy for little birds to land on and cling to.
  • Put it anywhere; hang it up, strap to a trunk/pipe or screw to a wall.
  • Waterproof; protects suet and food inside from the elements all year round.
  • Choose from green, grey or mint.

Available Options

Evie Green£8.95
Evie Grey£8.95
Evie Mint£8.95

You can place these lovely Evie singing friend feeders just about anywhere. They look great in groups for real aesthetic impact.

They will make a beautiful gift and each of the colours will look beautiful in gardens, yards and even on balconies.

Keeps suet and food dry and protected from the elements all year round.

Easy to use, just remove the front panel, place a suet log, suet balls, suet pellets, seed or even fruit inside and replace the front panel.

Will take a standard 330g jar of peanut butter for birds.

Durable and lightweight polymer material is hygienic and easily cleaned.

Remember to clean feeders regularly to keep birds healthy and food fresh.



Select Colour

Evie Green, Evie Grey, Evie Mint


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