Flutter Butter Feeder


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  • Birds LOVE peanut butter!
  • Specially designed feeder for ‘flutter Butter’, the peanut butter for birds.
  • Hang from a tree or feeding station with rust the proof chain.
  • Simple to refill, just twist and replace recyclable ‘pod’ or ‘jar’
  • Weather proof and durable.

Flutter butter is a whole new way to feed garden birds. Hang this light weight feeder in your garden. Simply twist in a ‘pod’ or a ‘jar’ of Flutter Butter and watch the little birds feast.

Flutter butter is a high energy, delicious complementary food source for wild birds and is a valuable addition to any bird feeding station. Birds love peanut butter and they will completely clean out the pod or jar.

This feeder is made from durable polycarbonate, is lightweight, weather resistant and designed to last for years. The rust proof chain will look smart for a long time and allows you to hang it from  a branch or feeding station.

Use with Flutter Butter glass ‘jars’ or ‘Pods’. Easy to refill and recyclable when empty, just twist and switch the jar or pod when finished… no messy hands!



1 review for Flutter Butter Feeder

  1. Alison

    Bought this to use with the flutter butter jars. Took a few days for the birds to work out what it was but now they have, they love it. Good no mess bird food option.

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