Flutter Butter Pods – Triple Pack – Fruity/Buggy/Original


  • Triple pack Flutter Butter Pods (3 x 170g)
  • No-salt peanut butter for birds.
  • Irresistible and nutty; 3 delicious flavours to buy; Original, Fruity and Buggy.
  • Pods widely recyclable.
  • Easy to use; twist into ANY ‘Flutter Butter’ feeder and hang, or stand on a bird table.

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Flutter Butter Pods contain salt free peanut butter with cereals, grains and fruit/ insects for feeding wild birds. They provide wild birds with a protein boost that will be welcomed throughout the year.

Rich and nutty goodness fills each pod. Irresistible to birds, they will keep coming back for more.

Easy to use, just twist into a ‘Flutter Butter Feeder’ . these pods are suitable for ALL ‘Flutter Butter Feeders’

Choose from 3 delicious flavours; ‘Original’, ‘Fruity’ or ‘Buggy’.

Each pack contain 3 pods of 170g. Re-use the pods for storing ‘bits and bobs’ also widely recyclable.

Typical analysis: protein 13.1%, Fat 66%.

Not for human consumption.

Contains peanuts.



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Original, Fruity, Buggy


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