Gift Bundle – I Love Robins


  • We love robins, and we love this cute I Love Robins Gift Bundle.
  • All you need to help robins through the cold winter months.
  • Frost-proof, glazed ceramic dish + Pearl Feeder + 500g Robin Food.
  • A lovely gift for a bird loving friend.

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A lovely gift bundle to treat robins and robin fans everywhere!

I Love Robins Gift Bundle contains:

I Love Robins ceramic dish. Lovely fat robin design for wild bird feeding or as a gift for the home.


1 x I Love Robins Ceramic Dish

We think this dish may be a little too nice to leave outside. It is very attractive and great for human snacks too! Frost-proof glazed ceramic dish, with a cute, fat robin design. Comes in lovely packaging.

Place on a bird table or wall and fill with mealworms or our Royal Robin Blend and provide really nutritious meal for robins and songbirds alike. Use to provide birds with fresh water.




I Love Robins Pearl feeder for feeding robins

1 x I Love Robins Pearl Feeder

I Love Robins Pearl Feeder is a little gem of a bird feeder and makes a lovely focal point in any garden.

Designed for robins this feeder is used at Giddy Gate Farm every single day by our robin!

Other small birds including goldfinches, chaffinches, blue tits, great tits and sparrows use it regularly at Giddy Gate Farm too and with the dome lowered we find the starlings cannot get in. Lowering the dome in bad weather keeps food protected from rain and snow.

Fill with food packed with special ingredients designed for robins, such as our signature Royal Robin Blend  or  I Love Robins soft food or mealworms.

Clear polycarbonate dome protects food and birds from rain and snow.

I Love Robins Pearl Feeder comes with a lifetime Guarantee from Jacobi Jayne.



I Love Robins soft food. 500g pouch for feeding wild birds.


1 X I Love Robins Food – 500 g

Soft, moist and rich, designed for Britain’s (and our) best loved bird!

Enjoyed by all songbirds including blackbirds and song thrushes.

Offer sparingly, along side other seed mixes and suet products for a balanced diet. Supplied in a stay-fresh foil pouch




(Not suitable for tubular feeders – causes clogging. Best fed from tables, dishes and the floor, only where it is safe to do so.)

Contains; oil seeds, cereal grains, honey, dried fruit, fish and insects.

Not for human consumption.

Contains peanuts.