Husk Free Winter Gold

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  • Irresistible combination of high calorie ingredients.
  • Provide energy to keep little birds warm in winter.
  • Husk free for less mess during winter feeding.
  • With sunflower hearts and easily managed peanut pieces.

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Our Husk Free Winter Gold mix is an absolute winner for feeding wild birds. This comprehensive mix of seeds, grains and peanut pieces will help them to stay warm in the coldest of weather and husk free means less mess around your feeders.

Little birds need to eat a lot in winter to have the energy to keep themselves warm and Husk Free Winter Gold is packed with high calorie and delicious ingredients to provide, energy, protein and essential oils to birds throughout the harsh winter months.

With sunflower hearts and irresistible peanut pieces that are nutritious and easy for soft billed birds to manage (like robins and songbirds) there is something in this mix for all garden birds to enjoy.

Containing only seeds which have their outer husks removed this mix there will be less mess underneath your bird feeders and more value for money.

Please Note: In an effort to reduce single use plastics we have chosen to pack our seed mixes in strong paper bags without plastic liners. You may sometimes notice small oil spots appear on the outside of the bag particularly in warmer weather. We would like to reassure you that this is of no concern and is simply a little oil from the highly delicious peanut pieces contained in our premium mixes.



  • Sunflower Hearts
  • Peanut pieces
  • Flaked Maize
  • Pinhead Oats
  • Cut Maize
  • Wheat

Not suitable for human consumption.

Contains peanuts, produced and packed in an environment which contains peanuts.


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