Husk Free Songbird Mix

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  • Husk free for less mess around your bird feeders.
  • Highly nutritious blend with sunflower hearts, raisins** and 3 flavours of suet pellets.
  • Attracts many species particularly enjoyed by songbirds such as robins and blackbirds.
  • Use in feeders and on tables.
  • **We can supply this mix raisin free (safer for your pets – see below).

Available Options

2Kg, NO Raisins£6.25
4 Kg, NO Raisins£9.95
8 Kg, NO Raisins£14.95
12 Kg, NO Raisins (2 x 6 Kg Bags)£21.95
20 Kg, NO Raisins (2 x 10Kg Bags)£32.95
2 Kg, WITH Raisins£6.25
4 Kg, WITH Raisins£9.95
8 Kg, WITH Raisins£14.95
12 Kg, WITH Raisins (2 x 6Kg Bags)£21.95
20Kg, WITH Raisins (2 x 10Kg Bags)£32.95

Our classic husk free mix contains only seeds which have had their outer husks removed. Birds remove and discard seed husks onto the floor to get to the nutritious seed heart inside. This mix therefore means less mess underneath your bird feeders and more value for money.

Songbirds and soft billed species such as robins will love this mix, they will find it delicious and easy to manage.

Sunflower hearts, raisins and three flavours of suet pellets provide a nutritious food source, that is high in energy and suitable for feeding all year round.

**Raisins are toxic to pets including dogs and cats. We understand that many people have cats and dogs and would not want to feed bird mixes containing raisins to birds in their gardens. If this is the case you can order this mix without raisins**.


  • Sunflower Hearts
  • Apple Suet Pellets
  • Berry Suet Pellets
  • Peanut Suet Pellets
  • Raisins **
  • Pinhead Oats
  • Cut Maize
  • Wheat

Not suitable for human consumption.

May contain nuts, produced in an environment which contains nuts.


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2 Kg, 4 Kg, 6 Kg, 8 Kg, 12 Kg, 20 Kg

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WITH Raisins, NO Raisins

1 review for Husk Free Songbird Mix

  1. Patricia Hoare

    Great product, the birds love it.

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