I Love Robins, Ceramic Dish


  • We love robins, and we love this cute dish.
  • Frost-proof, glazed ceramic.
  • For snacks for your birds or for you!
  • Use outdoors or indoors.
  • A lovely gift for a friend.

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We think this dish may be a little too nice to leave outside. It is very attractive and great for human snacks too!

Frost-proof glazed ceramic dish, with a cute, fat robin design.

Place on a bird table or wall and fill with mealworms or our Royal Robin Blend and provide really nutritious meal for robins and songbirds alike. Use to provide birds with fresh water.

Give as a gift, add a supply of robin food, for a friend to get treating their robin straight away.

Approx. 21.5cm at widest point

A quality Jacobi Jayne & Company product.


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