I Love Robins, soft food – 500g


  • Easy to eat for soft billed birds like robins.
  • High in protein and energy.
  • Delicious with fruit, shrimp and insects.
  • Sunflower hearts are easy to manage.
  • Feed from tables, ground or from dishes.

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Soft, moist and rich, designed for Britain’s (and our) best loved bird!

Enjoyed by all songbirds including blackbirds and song thrushes.

Offer sparingly, along side other seed mixes and suet products for a balanced diet. Supplied in a stay-fresh foil pouch

Not suitable for tubular feeders – causes clogging. Best fed from tables, dishes and the floor, only where it is safe to do so.

Contains; oil seeds, cereal grains, honey, dried fruit, fish and insects.

Not for human consumption.

Contains peanuts.


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