Johnston & Jeff Lyddington Boxed Bird Table


  • Classic design premium wooden bird table.
  • Provide a safe feeding space for your garden birds.
  • Stylish look with a natural slate roof.
  • Strong and durable larch wood.

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Easy to build Johnston and Jeff Lyddington premium wooden bird table makes a quick addition to your garden.

Robust and sturdy to withstand the elements whist providing a safe, secure place for wild birds to to perch and feed.

Delivered boxed including 5 pre built components, some assembly is required using just 4 bolts and 2 screws (included).

Satin non- toxic (bird safe) stained larch wood is valued for its tough, waterproof and durable qualities and has good strength.

Designed and made in the UK.

Table dimensions when constructed: 152cm H x 59cm W x 59cm D.

Height: 1500mm

Weight: 8Kg