Multi Coloured Nesting Box


  • Attractive, substantial and stylish painted nest box.
  • Provide a safe place for nesting and roosting.
  • 29mm hole suitable for tits, sparrows, flycatchers.
  • Handy door in the back allows easy emptying and cleaning.
  • Brass hole shield protects little birds inside  from predators.
  • Gap in the base to allow birds to clean out any debris.

This multi coloured nesting box is painted with lovely colours to brighten up any garden. Substantial and well designed with a 29mm hole, it is suitable for tits, sparrows and flycatchers.

This stylish nest box will provide little birds with a safe insulated space all year round. A home to nest and raise their young in the spring and summer months and a warm safe space over winter to roost in the harsh weather.

Featuring a handy door in the back of the box to make easy work of emptying and cleaning each year to help keep birds healthy.

A brass hole shield protects and reinforces the entrance from predators, preventing them from widening the hole to gain access.

The small gap in the base allows little birds to clean their own nest.


Position so that it is sheltered from the rain, wind and strong sunlight. It is recommended that the box is fixed between 1.5 and 5.5 metre (5ft – 18ft) above the ground.

If there are a lot of cats in your area it is best to site your box higher rather than lower.

If there are no trees to provide shelter or shade then the box should be positioned to face North to South-East.


***Once in use do not disturb the nest box.

***Clean out once a year between September and October using the door in the back and ensure that all nesting material is removed. It is very likely that this box will be used as a winter roosting site.