Nuttery Helix Nut Feeder


  • Squirrel and large bird resistant peanut feeder.
  • Provide a safe feeding haven for small birds.
  • Easy open top for filling and cleaning.
  • Built in seed tray.
  • Perfect for small clinging birds such as tits and finches.

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The Nuttery Helix Nut Feeder is a stylish and robust addition to any outside space.

Perfect for attracting smaller garden birds who love to feast on peanuts such as tits and finches, whilst discouraging larger birds such as pigeons and crows.

Squirrel resistant design.

Easy to fill and clean with a locking lid mechanism and an integrated seed tray to catch spilled seeds and seed cases.


Height: 250mm
Width: 270mm
Weight: 1kg
Capacity: 0.6kg approx.