Nyjer Seed

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  • Attract colourful goldfinches.
  • Loved by many small birds.
  • A nutritious seed to offer in the winter.
  • Feed straight from special feeders or mix with other seeds

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Nyjer Seed 2Kg£8.45
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Nyjer Seed 8Kg (2x 4Kg bags)£20.95

The seed of the African yellow daisy, Guizotia abyssinica, grown in Africa, India, Nepal and Myanmar.

A popular winter bird food for wild birds, with over 25% protein and over 16% fat composition these little seeds are a valuable source of nutrition.

Feed on its own in special seed feeders, or offer mixed in with varied seed mixes.

These seeds attract many species of bird, goldfinches in particular really enjoy them.

Nyjer seeds are heat sterilised before being imported to the UK. This prevents germination and they should not grow under your feeders.

Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

Not for human consumption.

May contain nuts. Stored and packaged in an environment containing peanuts.

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