Old Iron Bird Bath


Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

  • Provide fresh water for your garden birds.
  • This bird bath is a handy size to clean and replace water each day.
  • Classic wrought iron bird bath for bathing and drinking from.
  • Timeless and elegant design, could also be used as a feeder tray.
  • Place on lawns, walls, patios and in flower beds.
  • Textured surface ensures a sure grip.

Create a natural oasis in your garden for birds to drink and bathe with this elegant wrought iron bird bath.

Place on lawns, patios, walls or in flower beds and provide fresh water to your garden wildlife.

Weathers gracefully with a beautiful leaf like texture that enables birds to have a sure grip at any depth.

Can also be used as a bird feeder tray for ground feeding birds.

Diameter 260mm.

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