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Peanut Granules

From £8.95

  • Smaller chips of peanuts.
  • Excellent nutrition, packed full of essential oils and protein.
  • Easier and safer for smaller birds and fledglings to eat.
  • Aflatoxin tested, safe to feed.
  • Ideal to add to mixes.
Icon of a seed feeder for wild birds
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Smaller birds particularly enjoy this high energy food source. Our peanut granules are easier for birds to manage than whole peanuts, because the outer shell has been remove before kibbling. Perfect for putting out in the breeding season for fledglings.

Easy and versatile to feed , mix into other mixes to boost fat. fibre and protein content.

You can be assured that our peanut granules are safe for wild birds, they have been tested for aflatoxins. Aflatoxins are a family of toxins produced by certain fungi and are a poisonous carcinogen to birds.

Remember to clean feeders regularly for optimum food freshness and bird health.

Not for human consumption.

Contains Peanuts. Stored and packaged in an environment containing nuts.

Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

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