Red Barn Bird Feeder Pole


  • Attach a bird feeder to the top of this pole.
  • You can place feeders anywhere you can put this pole.
  • Choose from seed, peanut or water feeders to attach to the top.
  • Simple to assemble, install and relocate around your garden.
  • Easy to remove feeders allowing for simple refilling and cleaning.
  • Compatible with most Red Barn feeders including Squirrel Guardians and fits most feeders with a screw base.
  • Made from aluminium, this pole is durable and will not rust.

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Simple and effective option for placing a bird feeder anywhere in your garden.

Place a seed, peanut or even water feeder near a window. Watch the birds whilst you relax or whilst you are working from home.

Really useful option for those struggling for space or with few trees to hang feeders from.

Simple to push together from 3 sections and stands 1.7m high. Easy to push into the ground.

Combine a bird feeder with a seed tray catcher and pole for a low mess bird feeding station.

Compatible with all Red Barn pole mountable feeders (look for the screw thread on the bottom!).

Made from aluminium so it will not rust.

Regular cleaning of feeders and accessories keeps birds healthy and food fresh.


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