Red Barn Premium Peanut and Sunflower Seed Feeder

From £11.99

  • Extremely affordable, premium sturdy metal peanut feeder.
  • This versatile feeder can be filled with peanuts, suet pellets OR sunflower seeds.
  • Pole mountable and seed tray is available for less mess under your feeder.
  • Fully compatible with the Red Barn Squirrel Guardian Range to keep off squirrels and larger birds.
  • Easy to fill and clean.


Premium metal peanut feeder, available in 2 sizes to suit your needs.

Fill this versatile mesh cage with our delicious peanuts, suet pellets or even sunflower seeds. The metal mesh is easy for little birds to cling on to feed.

Attach to a pole and place anywhere in your garden. The simple addition of a seed catcher to the base means less mess in feeding areas.

The metal parts are durable, sturdier and more squirrel proof than polycarbonate or plastic feeders.

Fully compatible with the Red Barn Squirrel Guardian Range, designed to save you money on bird food by keeping squirrels and larger birds off.

From a premium range of high quality feeders, produced by Red Barn and designed to last.


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