Squirrel Proof Guardian – Peanut Feeder

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  • Effective and affordable feeding system to prevent squirrels and larger birds accessing food.
  • Offers little birds protection from predators whilst feeding
  • Help you to save money on bird food.
  • Reduce mess, turn the base over to form a tray to catch any dropped peanut pieces.
  • Position anywhere; use hanger or use threaded base to mount to pole.
  • Interchangeable with all Red Barn Squirrel Guardian range.
  • Simple to open and refill.
  • Comes with; feeder, tray and guardian. As shown in product image.

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Red Barn Premium Metal Peanut Guardian Feeder - Large£37.95
Red Barn Premium Metal Peanut Guardian Feeder - Small£29.95

Cleverly designed to save you money on bird food by preventing access to squirrels and large birds.

Made from high quality materials that not only last, but will look good year after year.

Position anywhere, hand from a tree or pole or the threaded base allows the feeder to be mounted onto a non rust aluminium pole.

Wish your bird feeding area was less messy? That is easy….just turn the base over to catch any pieces of peanut before they hit the ground.

This squirrel guardian feeder  is part of a complete system of Red Barn Squirrel Guardian Range . All the feeders are interchangeable and compatible with the squirrel proof guardians, seed catcher trays and mounting poles.

Premium quality construction with sturdy metal. Designed to last.

Easy to fill with a securely fitting reliable lid.

Remember to clean feeders regularly for optimum food freshness and bird health.

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1 review for Squirrel Proof Guardian – Peanut Feeder

  1. Louise Melling

    Very happy little birds, keeps the jackdaws and magpies off their nuts!

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