Red Barn Water Drinker


  • Provide clean water in a safe location for your garden birds.
  • Birds can comfortably land and drink from any of 4 drinking ports.
  • Water stays cleaner as leaves and debris cannot settle.
  • Strong and durable metal parts.
  • Use attached hanger or place on a compatible Red Barn pole to position anywhere in your garden.
  • Easy to re- fill and clean.

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We thought this water feeder was a great idea. Thirsty garden birds can avoid drinking from the ground in gardens with predators such as cats.

Offer birds a cleaner, healthier water source. Birds often drink from bird baths, which may have debris and possibly contamination from other birds bathing. Leaves and debris will not settle in the drinking ports of this feeder and other birds definitely will not be able to bathe in it!

Provide water in safe places, hang this feeder from a tree or hook or attach it to a Red Barn Pole anywhere in your garden.

The frame and lid are sturdy metal with a durable plastic bottle that screws into the base.

Well designed, easy to clean and fill with a securely fitting reliable lid.

Threaded base allows the feeder to mounted onto a non rust aluminium pole.

Part of a premium range of high quality feeders by Red Barn that really are designed to last.

Remember clean all feeders regularly for maximum health and to keep birds visiting.


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