Robin Feeding and Feeder Bundle


  • Feeder and feeding  bundle for robins.
  • Treat your robin.
  • Elegant wrought iron feeder + delicious robin food and mealworms.
  • Save when you buy all 3 items in this superb bundle.

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Treat your robin with this feeding and feeder bundle.

Fill this fantastic vintage style wrought iron feeder with ‘Royal Robin Blend’, our superb robin food that is just bursting with delicious favourites and has been designed for our very own robin at Giddy Gate Farm. Add some extra mealworms for an irresistible banquet.

Save money when you buy these items together (see below).

Robin Feeding  and Feeder Bundle Contains:

old iron flower feeder for bird food in garden with robin   1 x Old Iron Flowerbed Feeder

Robin food next to a bag. Royal Robin Blend, for feeding wild birds. sunflower hearts, peanut granules, mealworms to appeal to robins and songbirds  6Kg Royal Robin Blend

Dried mealworms for wild bird feeding. High in protein 300g Dried Mealworms

1 x Old Iron Flowerbed Feeder

  • Timeless and elegant wrought iron feeder.
  • What a lovely sight to see a robin perched on his very own feeder.
  • This fantastic vintage style Old Iron Sunflower feeder can be placed in flowerbed or on lawns, even in pots to give your robin his very own feeding station.
  • At Approx 730mm  tall this feeder means little birds such as robins can feed up, off the ground away from ground predators. 

6Kg Royal Robin Blend

  • Specially designed to appeal to robins and songbirds.
  • Bursting with ingredients that soft billed birds can manage easily.
  • Great in Spring/Summer for fledglings.
  • Packed with sunflower hearts, peanut granules, plus mealworms and irresistible apple suet pellets.
  • One of our ‘Stay Tidy Range’ of bird mixes, for less mess underneath feeders.
  • Designed for our robin at Giddy Gate Farm, we hope your robin enjoys it too!

Not for human consumptions. This product contains peanuts. Packed and stored in an environment containing peanuts.

300g Dried Mealworms

  • Robins love mealworms.
  • Rich in protein, essential for health and vigour.
  • Mix with seed or suet, for a balanced diet.
  • Add to feeder or table mixes for all year round feeding.