Royal Robin Blend – Stay Tidy

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  • Specially designed to appeal to robins and songbirds.
  • Bursting with ingredients that soft billed birds can manage easily.
  • Great in Spring/Summer for fledglings.
  • Packed with sunflower hearts, peanut granules, plus mealworms and irresistible apple suet pellets.
  • One of our ‘Stay Tidy Range’ of bird mixes, for less mess underneath feeders.
  • Designed for our robin at Giddy Gate Farm, we hope your robin enjoys it too!

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At Giddy Gate Farm we love our robin so much we decided he had to be our company logo! He is considered King of the birds in our garden. Bossy and brave, he defends his feeder from other birds. Our robin is never far away, and appears as soon as we step back from the bird table, ready to inspect the food we have left for him.

Our Royal Robin Blend  robin food has been carefully designed for our robin. We hope your robin enjoys it too!

Contains carefully selected ingredients that will appeal to soft billed birds, like robins and other songbirds (for example blackbirds). Fantastic in Spring/Summer for hungry fledglings.

One of our  ‘Stay Tidy range’, the lack of sunflower husks in this mix mean less mess underneath and on the bird table.

Best for bird table, feeding tray or ground use.


  • Sunflower Hearts
  • Fruity Apple Suet Pellets
  • Mealworms
  • Kibbled Peanuts
  • Pinhead Oats
  • Cut Maize
  • Red Millet

Not for Human Consumption.

Contains nuts. Manufactured and packaged in an environment containing nuts.

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2 reviews for Royal Robin Blend – Stay Tidy

  1. Lynne

    My robin loves this food and will follow me round the garden if I am late putting it out for him. He’s always first to the table to get his favourite bits before anyone else gets a look in.

  2. Louise Melling

    Our robins, blue tits and chaffinches absolutely love it!

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