Seasonal Feeding Bundle


  • 12 Kg Max Energy Mix + 50 Premium Suet Balls + 500g Dried Mealworms.
  • Save when you buy this spring summer bird feeding bundle.
  • All you need for successful summer feeding.
  • Less husks less mess feeding.
  • Fantastic combination for breeding and baby birds.

Save with this fantastic seasonal bird feeding bundle.

Top quality Max Energy Mix plus delicious fat balls for energy and mealworms for protein. This bundle is designed to provide superb supplementary feeding for your busy garden birds this spring and summer.

Each seasonal bird feeder bundle contains:

Max Energy stay tidy mix, high energy wild bird food for feeding wild birds. Husk free for less mess 12Kg Max Energy Mix

Suet Balls for wild bird feeding. High energy, Insect flavour 50 Premium Suet Balls

Dried mealworms for wild bird feeding. High in protein 500g Dried Mealworms


12kg Max Energy Mix

  • A superb mix from our Stay Tidy range: with less husks for less mess.
  • Brilliant spring/summer food for breeding birds and fledglings.
  • Irresistible with small pieces of peanuts, dehulled sunflower seeds (hearts), pinhead oats and cracked maize make this mix fantastic for little birds.
  • Suet pellets provide easily digestible energy.

Max Energy Mix contains; sunflower hearts, kibbled peanuts, peanut suet pellets, 

50 Premium Suet Balls – Insect Flavour

  • Easily digestible protein and energy source.
  • Great for adults and baby birds to enjoy.
  • High quality fat balls which will not just crumble away.

Premium Suet to Go Fat Balls contain: Wheat Flour, Beef Fat, Millet Seed, Linseed, Rapeseed, Peanut Flour, Dried Mealworms

Nutritional Information: Fat 29%, Protein 9%, Crude Fibre 0.8%, Crude Ash 1%, Moisture 9%

500g Dried Mealworms

  • Delicious protein source for adults and fledglings. 
  • Offer dry with other seeds mixes and suet.
  • Offer rehydrated for extra moisture in the summer months (pour over hot water, leave 30 minutes to absorb water and cool, then drain and feed in a bowl or table).
  • Mix with seed mixes for more variety


This bundle contains peanuts. Not for human consumption. Stored and packed in an environment containing peanuts.


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