Red Barn Seed Catcher Tray


  • Seed catcher tray for wild bird feeders.
  • Catch falling seeds before they hit the floor, keep bird feeding areas tidy.
  • Little birds stay safe whilst they eat up fallen seeds in the tray.
  • Easy to attach, compatible with Red Barn Feeders.
  • Strong metal construction.

Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

Keep your garden tidy and add this seed catcher tray to the bottom of your wild bird feeder. This great little accessory will stop the majority of falling seeds and husks from landing on the floor.

Little birds can eat up seeds in the tray away from ground predators.

Compatible with most Red Barn Feeders, just check for the screw thread in the base.

Use with Red Barn feeder and mount onto Red Barn’s non-rust bird feeder pole for less mess wherever you place feeders in the garden.

Tray constructed from strong metal with durable clear plastic wing nut for attachment. Wing nut allows removal for thorough cleaning.

Part of a premium range of high quality feeding accessories produced by Red Barn, designed to last.

Fits to Red Barn Squirrel Guardians as a replacement base part.


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