Squirrel Buster – Peanut / Suet Pellets


  • 100% squirrel proof bird feeder, for feeding peanuts or suet pellets.
  • Feed birds. NOT squirrels.
  • Clever design, feeding ports close with squirrels weight.
  • Patented ventilation system, keeps seeds fresh and appealing.
  • 2 year warranty.

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The weight of a squirrel or a large bird landing on the feeder causes the mesh feeding points to be shut off via a spring mechanism,

preventing access to the peanuts or suet pellets inside.

100% guaranteed to stop squirrels eating your bird food


This feeder is versatile. Use for feeding peanuts or suet pellets, up to 750ml capacity.

Guaranteed to keep squirrels from eating your bird food. It will also stop large birds like pigeons.

Squirrel Buster Peanut, by BROME bird care allows birds to feed freely on the quality food you have invested in. The chew proof design and squirrel blocking shroud stop bird food getting into deny squirrels and bigger birds access.

The outer shroud allows little birds to cling on to feed. A tail prop allows woodpeckers to feed in comfort, they can use their tails for balance as they naturally would when feeding in trees.

A patented ventilation system allows seed and blends to remain fresh and appealing.

2 year manufacturer warranty.

Part of the world renowned Squirrel Buster family.

Remember clean feeders regularly for optimum food freshness and bird health.


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