Large Suet Log – Berry 575g


  • Large suet log treat made with peanut flour, mixed seed and peanuts
  • 575g of delicious berry flavoured suet.
  • Valuable food source for little birds.
  • High energy and protein and loved by many species.
  • Fits easily into wide suet ball cages. (see below)

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This is a whopper of a suet treat.

Made with peanut flour, peanuts and with mixed seeds. This log is a delicious, berry flavoured, high energy treat enjoyed by many garden birds.

Easy to feed, it just fits straight into most fat ball feeder cages.

Feeding suet all year round will provide birds with energy and nutrition in the colder months and also supplement birds busy rearing their young in the spring/summer months.

Weight approx. 575g, diameter approx. 7cm, length approx. 15cm.


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