Suet Log Feeder


  • Cleverly designed suet feeder.
  • Holds 6 logs, evenly spaced.
  • Little birds can easily perch and feed.
  • Hang in trees or from feeding stations.
  • Simple way to feed varied flavours of high energy suet

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This cleverly designed ‘Suet to go’ log feeder hold 6 suet logs. Try using different flavour combinations to offer a variety of high energy treats for your birds.

Great for hanging in trees, where little birds will feel safe feeding.

The evenly spaced ‘ports’ will hold 6 different suet logs of approx. 3cm diameter. Giving your garden birds plenty of space to cling on and feed.

Made of a durable material and able to withstand all weathers.

Easy to fill and hang from a tree or a feeding station.

Suet Logs NOT included.



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