Suet Logs (6 pack) - Mealworm & Insect


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  • Pack of 6 high energy suet logs for wild birds.
  • Delicious Mealworm and Insect flavour.
  • A garden bird favourite, suitable for feeding all year round.
  • For use with log feeder, suet cages or place straight onto bird table.

These mealworm and insect flavoured suet log treats for wild birds provide a high quality energy source for garden visitors.

Each log is approximately 10cm long, with an approx. diameter of 3 cm.

Designed to fit into the holes/’ports’  of special suet log feeders. Can also be placed into a suet block cage, or onto a bird table/ tray for ground feeders.

Place different flavours into a feeder to provide some variety for your birds.

Can be fed to adults and fledglings.

Not for Human Consumption.

Contains peanuts. Manufactured and packaged in an environment containing nuts.



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