Suet Pellets – Apple

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  • Birds LOVE suet pellets.
  • Extra delicious apple flavour to appeal to many different species.
  • Ideal high calorie food for feeding wild birds.
  • Use in mesh feeders or on bird tables.
  • Mix with bird seed to offer variety to your garden birds.

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6 Kg£14.95

Fruity and high in energy, your garden birds will keep coming back for more of these apple suet pellets.

Birds just love suet, offer them this high energy food source all year round.

Provides nutrition in the cold winter months and additional food for the busy breeding season.

Add to seed mixes for an extra energy boost or just feed straight from mesh feeders or tables/trays.

Loved by all sorts of birds from clinging little birds like tits, to larger songbirds and ground feeders such as robins and songbirds.

Not for human consumption. Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

Contains Peanuts. Stored and packaged in an environment containing nuts.



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