Sunflower Hearts Bundle


  • A fantastic bird feeding bundle.
  • A sleek and stylish metal seed feeder with 2 feeding ports plus 6 Kg sunflower hearts.
  • Superb value combination.
  • A lovely gift for any bird lover.
  • Contains 1 x Adventurer 2 port feeder + 6 Kg Sunflower hearts (bakery grade)

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Our sunflower hearts bundle makes a fantastic gift for any bird lover.

This combination of high energy delicious sunflower hearts and high quality contemporary metal feeder will keep garden birds fed in comfort.

Bundle contains:

Adventurer metal seed feeder for wild bird feeding1 x Adventurer metal seed feeder

Classy, strong and durable metal seed feeder with 2 ports for birds to feed from.

Constructed from die-cast powder coated metal with strong polycarbonate tubing these seed feeders are tough, long-lasting and offer excellent protection from squirrel damage.

Using the simple but highly effective perching rings, birds can feed in their natural feeding position – facing forward.

Birds appear to be more relaxed when feeding from feeders using the perching ring system simply because they can access food more quickly, feed faster, leaving the perching ring free for another bird much sooner – a real bonus when there are lots of hungry birds waiting their turn.

Sunflower Hearts are the ideal food for garden birds, high in energy, oils and easy for soft billed birds like robins and songbirds to enjoy.


Sunflower hearts, nutritious food for wild bird feeding

6 Kg Sunflower Hearts (Bakery Grade)

Our high quality bakery grade sunflower hearts are filled with protein, essential oils and energy, which means fantastic nutrition for busy garden birds, particularly goldfinches, tits and songbirds.

Sunflower hearts are what remains of sunflower seeds with the outer husk removed. They are easier for soft billed birds such as robins and songbirds to eat.

Husk free also means mess free in your garden! No husks to litter the floor after tits and finches have removed them to get at the tasty heart inside.

Ideal to feed all year round from feeders, or place on tables or for ground feeding.



Not suitable for human consumption.

May contain nuts. Stored and packaged in an environment containing peanuts.

Store in a cool, dry and dark place.