Supa Robin and Small Bird Feeder


  • Hanging bird feeder with dome.
  • Great for robins, tits and finches.
  • Lightweight, small yet versatile.
  • Rook protects food from weather and larger birds.

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The Supa robin and small bird feeder is a handy, small and lightweight feeder, suitable to hang just about anywhere. Suitable for tits, finches and robins who may struggle at conventional port seed feeders.

Ideal for all types of seed, sunflower hearts, suet pellets and mealworms.

The dome of the roof keeps food dry and delicious and can be adjusted to deter larger birds.

Easy to use. Push the dome up the central pole to adjust the height of the roof and hang in a suitable position, away from predators.

Easy to clean.

Clean bird feeders regularly to maintain food freshness and optimum bird health.