The Big Easy

From £27.95

  • Big and easy to clean!
  • Fewer refill trips, fill with seed or seed blends.
  • Tough metal parts, protect against squirrel damage and the worst of the weather.
  • No rusting with a no- nonsense lifetime guarantee.
  • choice of 2 or 4 ports.

Available Options

2 Port£27.95
4 Port£29.95

These Big Easy seed feeders are large capacity bird seed feeders for fewer refills.

  • 2 port holds 1 litre
  • 4 port holds 1.6 litre

Simple to clean, no tools required, just twist to remove the base and twist to remove each port.

Durable parts are chew proof and protect contents against the weather.

Seed ventilation system for making sure seeds stay fresh and appetising to birds.

Hang from trees, feeding stations around your garden or place on poles up to 1″ width.

Remember to clean feeders regularly for optimum food freshness and bird health.

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2 Port, 4 Port


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