Whole Suet Coconut


  • Coconut shell filled with Meal worm Suet.
  • Feeder + food in one!
  • Cleverly cut to allow birds to perch and feed.
  • Loved by blue tits and long tailed tits.
  • Great all year round high energy food source.
  • Reuse shells as seed feeders once empty.

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Whole suet coconut filled with mealworm/ insect flavoured suet. A high energy favourite for little birds in particular.

A suet coconut is a feeder and food in one! You are ready to get feeding, just unwrap and hang up.

Great natural looking feeder for your garden birds.

Birds can easily perch to feed.

Perfect to hang in trees or from bird feeding stations.

Contains peanut, mealworms, linseed, millet, rapeseed.

Analysis: 36%fat, 8.3% protein,Crude Fibre 4%.

Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

This product contains peanuts and is stored in an environment containing peanuts.