Wicklow Metal Peanut Butter Feeder


  • Super stylish peanut butter feeder for birds.
  • Strong and durable graphite grey metal.
  • Easily fix to wall, tree or fence.
  • Holds 1 jar of peanut butter for birds.

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This Wicklow metal peanut butter feeder is super stylish and contemporary. Made from graphite-grey metal wire this feeder securely holds a single jar of peanut butter for birds.

Garden birds cannot resist high energy nutritious peanut butter and it is so easy to feed it to them with this strong and durable feeder.

Easy to fix to a wall, tree or fence, simply hang and then slide the jar of peanut butter (without the lid) under the roof. There is a lip to hold the jar in place firmly.

Please note food not included.

(Screws for fixing not included)