Wild Bird Feeding Station


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  • Wild Bird Feeding Station.
  • Position near a window, watch while your relax or work from home.
  • Offer many types of bird food, and fresh water in one place.
  • Simple to assemble, no tools required, easy to re-locate.
  • Assembled height 1.90m

This is a perfect addition to a bird lovers garden.

Attract many different species of birds with this  sturdy and strong wild bird feeding station with superior fittings for greater strength. Holds hanging feeders for birds that cling and has a tray for feeding ground/table birds.

Place it in an ideal spot for bird watching, such as near a window and offer a wide variety of food and fresh clean water to wild birds.

Relocates easily to reduce risk of bacterial build up in feeding areas.

Feeding station comes with:

  • 3 x hooks
  • I x removable water dish with wrap around bracket.
  • I x removable mesh tray with wrap around bracket.
  • 3 x pole sections.

Total height 1.90m.

Remember to regularly clean bird feeders for optimum food freshness and bird health.

(Bird feeding cage, and feeders with bird food not included).


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